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tv   [untitled]    December 16, 2012 1:00am-1:30am EST

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a free blog video for your media. free media r.t. dot com. the latest news on the week's top stories unofficial tallies indicate egyptians have voted to ban the new draft constitution on the ground one of the people told referendum that continues to split society with violence on the rise. tide said to be turning against the embattled syrian government as it struggles to find the al qaeda linked rebels getting more assistance from abroad. unpleasant putin says it's now or never as he calls on buses no make is to overhaul the economy motown's corruption and stem the outflow of the country's wealth.
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you're watching all to see broadcasting live from a brand new h.d. studios here in moscow i mean. under a very warm welcome to the program to egypt trust where the brotherhood and its opponents are claiming that the country has not only voted to bonk the disputed draft constitution in around one a referendum so the claim is based on an official tallies there for sure results will not be announced until after the next stage so they dry out by the islamist but has been slammed by the opposition so our correspondent is in cairo for us what will. be to tell you right here in the capital in cairo as people have been waiting for these key results on the referendum of the constitution in the last few hours we've got preliminary results of course traditional. to come out of the second
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round indicate that it was a yes but the most a brotherhood together with the media outlets numbers and matching up there saying approximately fifty six point five percent voted yes i was forty three point five percent voting you know this will seem to be of course a major blow to the opposition forces particularly because in this round only two of the governorates in both through the ten you voted i see voted as a nose to the opposition with numbers as high as seventy percent in the ports of the constitution across the country this particular stage of the referendum was largely seem to be the biggest chance for a no vote to the constitution as the governor it's involved actually voted against the president during the presidential elections so really right now the opposition forces are going to have to either drum up support in the next six days for the second round or final time it's a tactic to campaign i think there will be heightened tensions of course i mean people have criticized the idea that the referendum is split into two days of the
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week in the middle with these results coming out because of course people are going to react to them as we entered the late stages of the voting process which had been extended by several hours by the electoral commission because of high turnouts there were violent scenes in the streets of cairo and. the what party headquarters the opposition position in greek word tact by suppose it supports is of his and i will is a man who is knowledgeable orthodox salafist leader one time presidential candidates one party did i reports that ultra conservative islamists torch that had court is talking it with firearms until the security forces did report injuries so really we'll have to see if the next week what happens in the build up to the second round this crucial rounds as the seventeen other governorates going to vote on this constitution. the syrian government forces on the receiving end of opposition offensives as the. rebels made gains in bottles across the country in the push
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towards to laskas so it comes after the opposition received another boost this week when their diplomatic status was graded by a u.s. led group of nations who also donated more than one hundred million dollars to the assad count meanwhile nato is deploying surface to air missiles and troops to neighboring turkey on current request and they reinforcements from its allies after a series of course border exchanges of fire with syria alliance officials now claim this year and government has begun using ballistic missiles against the rebels something denied by damascus. trick on takes a closer look at who's fighting against assad. they call themselves martyrs god and all those you see around you are the fighters you see are living martyrs and the living martyr has already sacrificed a soul for this country. syrian rebels say they will stop at nothing to defeat us. some of them are so proud of their deeds that they post them on the web including
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the execution of prisoners. or having a child behead a man who was presumably an assault supporter atrocities are committed on all fronts during syria's bloody civil war according to many accounts on the ground it islamic groups that do most of the fighting on behalf of the rebels dr tao we come meet was a member of a jihadi spoken ization twenty five years ago he later became a vocal opponent of radical islam the jihadists have no problem to behead people alive you deal with people like bin ladin and they're all because of al qaida who have no hesitation to use any form of whip around to to really. like. control any place. religious believes in ideology the so-called friends of syria including the gulf states the west the u.k. and friends many morocco to throw their weight behind the newly formed syrian opposition coalition two thirds of the islamic. dominated the entire south
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coalition his lies to the muslim brotherhood in cellophane and their idea of freedom for syria what. a positive sign for us that our military struggle is characterized by being mostly islamic because martyrdom for the sake of anna has always been the main motive of people. in what's seen as a symbolic attempt to distance themselves from terrorists in syria washington has designated one of the rebel groups a terrorist organization but the same syrian opposition that the us supports welcomes the efforts of groups like al nusra the decision of considering one of the factions fighting the regime is a terrorist organization should be reconsidered. this is a demonstration of support for almost in syria with people heard chanting we are students of osama. people here in washington don't seem to understand that if you don't like the government in cairo or if you do like the government in
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cairo i guess i should say then you will love the government the comes to power in damascus because you will see a sunni muslim islamised government a muslim brotherhood style government that is absolutely intolerant fundamentally hostile to the west washington has failed to officially denounce the many suicide bombings perpetrated by the rebels in syria preferring to focus on the wrongs committed by the assad regime alone the u.s. is also ramping up the rhetoric about the possibility of the assad government using chemical weapons against civilians something that damascus says would be suicidal on the other hand many rebels are not averse to the idea of suicide in the name of what they call a holy war militants have recently taken control of a toxic chemical plant in the country's second city of aleppo a video was uploaded to youtube showing them testing chemical weapons on rabbits we could not independently verify the authenticity of the footage. you will die like these. in its own words the government is fighting terrorists that battle has
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claimed thousands of innocent lives the measures the syrian government resorted to have been widely criticised but does that mean the world should keep their eyes shocked at who's actually fighting for power in syria now in washington i'm going to check out. earlier this week in the present political elite on the edges of those seeds in his fast annual address to little make it since returning as president he unveiled tough new to corruption measures and a plan to stem the flow of wealth from the country and also called for a drastic overhaul of the resource based economy and to boost to the social sector as. he reports. several years ago when former president medvedev addressed russia's lawmakers this signaled major constitutional changes for the country with the presidential term being extended to six years this time when president putin delivered his first annual address after returning to the kremlin for the third
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time it rang no major sensations nor political changes but at the same time this speech was even more significant as some have already said that many others before this time put in barely spoke about any foreign policy issues the main focus was on domestic problems in russia and there has been plenty according to russia's president in fact he started his speech by saying it is now or never as the world is going through a crisis russia must stand up to all these challenges and the first and the most correct way to do that is to invest in two youths richard is the what's that as of today the percentage of healthy active able bodied people in russia aged between twenty to forty is one of the highest in the world twenty years time this economically active population could shrink by fifty percent less we do something this trend will continue either we provide interesting jobs give opportunities to
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create business build families raise children be happy with just a few decades russia will become a poor country populated by an elderly generation incapable of preserving its own territory. but the biggest issue dragging russia backwards for the past several decades has been the corruption among the higher echelons of power and that is why the largest chunk of putin's speech was dedicated to this problem and the president came up with some very tough rhetoric and heard in all twelve years putin has been in politics in russia but no wonder it seemed at times that putin was not addressing the whole russia and not for the whole world to see but he directed a stern warning to those. sitting in front of him cuckoo or david in order that we could you know how can people trust an official or a politician who talks a lot about the good of russia at the same time and tries to take his money out of the country i ask you to support the bill to limit the amount of foreign accounts and stocks that officials and politicians can have. the people.
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don't applaud yet maybe you won't like everything i have to say but even put in we'll be holding an annual press conference for the world media and the eyes of the entire planet will again be on the russian president let's see russia r.t. reporting from inside the kremlin. iran's nuclear program came under the microscope again this week that tommy was trying to get to the triple sanity with some western nations suspect nuclear weapons are being made by having only just a few minutes. later in kenya receiving the nobel peace prize and then controversy and claims it does not deserve that these stories and more coming right up.
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an artist was arrested for putting up posters critical of drone usage all over new york city the poster show a menacing drone shooting a missile at innocent children with the words drones protection when you least expect it written at the bottom these posters definitely reflect a lot of american fears that a big brother skynet will completely eliminate the very concept of privacy and free speech so to prove that americans live in a free country without any government spying the n.y.p.d. hunted down the anonymous artist and arrested him for expressing himself having arrested him at his residence they charged him with fifty six counts of criminal possession of a forged instrument grand larceny possession of stolen property and weapons possession for having a deadly terrorist weapon and unloaded twenty two caliber pistol although being in jail won't be pleasant perhaps arzt as some actually in the end got what he wanted
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he proved to the world that big brother surveilled him and arrested him all for throwing up a few posters looks like he proved his point but that's just my opinion. he. rages and creative. elegance and full
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of public speaking. a few european bodybuilders against millions of week immigrants. this may not seem so serious now. but this could be a real fright. tomorrow. european extremists. on.
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you know watching our c welcome back to age days studio. three presidents have received the nobel peace prize on behalf of the union at a ceremony in all slow so brussels was recognized for its efforts in for most peace and democracy on the continent but even before that prizes hundred of the nominations sparked mass controversy several former winners wrote to the nobel foundation demanding that the e.u. they stripped of the award and on the eve of the presentation hundreds joined a protest march moving away from the capital as one of the found out of those and normally only undermining the credibility of the prime. mark for little children. one day live in america
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a will not be judged by the color of about them but by the content of their character are i would hire anyone it can be probably would have to become a laureate to be home being assassinated however the nobel peace prize is only awarded to a living person this is when it tests such trying terror especially when it comes to finances the announcement the european union was to pick up the twenty twelve gongs sparked a heated debate the award was being discredited particularly to the outrage it was picked it up recently well to be frank inside the united states i don't think very many people pay attention to the nobel peace prize anymore large numbers of americans were stunned when yasser arafat received the nobel peace prize many years ago president obama was given a prize for reasons that no one understood so what has the e.u. done over the last twelve months to convince the nobel committee it's worthy of
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such a prestigious award. and supported regime change in foreign countries and several member states indulged in. violent crackdowns on demonstrators outraged by the failure of the government's. skeptics. think it devalues the whole concept of the nobel peace prize what's really happening is that the european union is having its worst year ever at its mates and the international community coming to it's a brit to have been awarded of the announcement to be made in the very week that i went to athens i was greeted not just by tens of thousands of protesters but people dressed up in swastikas and giving it the salutes frankly i grew up in a europe that was divided from east to west but i'm now living in a europe that is divided from north to south and never at any point in the history of this union has there been more discord of rancor that we currently got among
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more moderate forces there are concerns the peace prize is being used as a political football i think this award basically does a lot to kind of discredit past people who've won this prize i mean it demonstrates a sort of heavy politicization of the use of this award now it's been suggested that this year's winner of the peace prize picked it up more for not having done something as opposed to having food the peace around the globe it seems like they got the prize more because there hasn't been any war in europe for many decades rather than having done anything specific i think as long as civic institutions like the nobel prize continue to lose their legitimacy in their spirit through political favoritism and these prizes are always political but such blatant and obvious political favoritism and maneuvering i think it actually takes something away and i think it's actually damaging that leaves the whole institution off the prize facing the question whether the nobility is being drained from the new down.
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r.t. or that. the u.n. nuclear watchdog says it expects to reach an agreement with iran to be a part. in military complex which has come under suspicion of potential atomic activities the i.a.e.a. will meet officials from tehran next month to try and finalize the deal a number was intelligence agencies believe the area was once used by iran to conduct tests of explosives with nuclear elements while powers are seeking to resolve a long running dispute over the country's nuclear ambitions wish to iran says out for peaceful purposes only the countries suffering under severe you want sanctions as well as other trade restrictions from the you ask canada britain and the. morea for a notion of when to terror and for us to find out how people that feel about their nation a standoff with the west. three decades of pride followed by three years of mourning when i'm in syria met her future husband a young physicist she immediately knew he'd come
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a long way indeed he went on to become one of the runs leading nuclear scientists and to it all ended one sunny morning in january two thousand and ten. left to work and then i heard a terrible explosion i rushed to see what happened he was lying like this which. i called my screwed must must. must i thought he was just scared then i turned to him there was no face just blood in tissues he was the first victim in a gruesome trend associated with his work since two thousand and ten at least three other nuclear scientists have been murdered in iran to see him with kid gosh they were working hard so their country didn't need to beg other nations for know how we have the right acquires this knowledge and feel independent very nice when men series husband began embarking on his nuclear career it was not
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a life threatening occupation in the seventy's western countries were eager to how to run develop its own nuclear program supplying it with technology with no attached strings. managed that changed when the iranian regime deed was earlier seen as inalienable right became its biggest liability emboldened in its pursuit of nuclear weapons billions of dollars have been pumped into the industry before the revolution at the time of the shah why should they give up now just because western powers say sun while iran's nuclear program is now a target of western political discourse there is only suspicion and no internationally recognized evidence that a country's moving towards build an atomic weapon iranian officials believe all this tension is fabricated with the same purpose to demonize them in the eyes of international community if you have knife in your kitchen and some of the rest and constitutes kaante your home and said go or knife is very dangerous maybe you
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want to use it to some people this is a very. george king idea the perceived fear is that the iranian regime can't be trusted with a nuclear capacity but even those who want to totally change of leadership see should be no negotiable for the country i cannot tell you she has come by iranian national policy for many years i have come to find out the struggle between iran. even here that want to live from the south and device which is preventing. the flux that killed them and serious husband was seduced shown that the clock in the living room stopped at the time of his death both the west and iran are equally failing to move forward and while the west
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is only dangerous intentions people here in iran believe it's all down to pride and prejudice rife nationality from to her around. to sum up today's news and grieve the tyler band has claimed responsibility for their time on a pakistani airport in the northwestern city of bashar where the violence has claimed at least four civilian lives and led to thirty people injured that toys and launched by five militants armed with rockets and a suicide vest all of them were also killed the city of bashar ways located on the edge of pakistan's volatile tribal region and is often targeted by insurgents. the names of the sandy hook elementary school shooting victims have been released by authorities in connecticut the gunman identified as twenty year old adam lanza killed twenty eight people including twenty children the youngest age only six and the moral service has been held as flags flew at half mast in washington in order of the victims. and coming up after a very short break
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a look at the life and mysterious death of joseph stalin. i never thought i could earn a living messmate. natale issue of oil is the norm or should test small arms so there's a lot almost machine building ploy and not obvious sourced count of all the weapons she's fired over the past twelve years. i got so used to it sometimes my friends ask me to join them at the rifle range and i say no wait i'm so tired of shooting. the planet's history goes from making firearms during world war two to ballistic missiles from nuclear submarines during the cold war the bulk of the soviet industry was moved here in the 1940's to flee the virus in germans so i was here
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also became the heart of soviet military production closed off to foreigners for hoffa's century it thrived on the massive moods of the soviet military when the u.s.s.r. collapsed but life here was shaken to the core but some adapted to better than others. this is the fuel truck factory rush is the number one truck maker for girls with a look at how well the workplace is organized everything's done to make sure the workers don't waste time waiting there was so production is booming in the factory has largely managed to get on to civil rails these johnsons sold around the globe hit a base of brand new be the way to be delivered to acquire seventy trucks like this one roll up the bronx conveyor belt every day look at about this things that absolutely huge. well i'm no formula one pilot but hopefully if i can get up that. well i can go far to try.
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was to get one of these to travel to whatever it was with a cost of about forty thousand dollars i should start saving my. download the official ati up location. choose your language stream quality and enjoy your favorite. t.v. as not required to watch on t.v.
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all you need is your mobile device to watch r.t. any time. sixty years ago there was only one person who could ride out of the kremlin spence goto a gate in an armored cis one one five soviet limousine he had power that any emperor would envy. this car belongs to joseph stalin driving home from work was no simple affair for the leader stalin used to sit on a special converted seat protected by guards on each side he trusted no one. the soviet leader strictly instructed the drug bill which way to go in the car would offer. turned abruptly from the wide open he was on to moscow's side streets
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weaving along and confusing. the new is ready to kill people and he did kill them and if he could do it he thought they could also act this way and that idea scared him to death. stalin's limousine eventually reached a narrow and strictly guarded highway. many years ago nobody was allowed here local residents had no clue that it had a facility known only to top officials. this is the comes of a country house stalin's personal residence even though sixty years have passed since the death of the soviet leader of his remains top secret filming has only been allowed here on rare occasions done and spent his last twenty years and consider right up to his death. historians still puzzled over his mysterious demise
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did he die a natural death always someone else involved. he's upstairs with our family whole or it's not appropriate to talk about one's pride like that and i knew i was bright so yes i raised so on and so forth look at events at least to the first base which theater director alexander has frequently been offered the role of stalin and he's flatly refused every time. he prefers to work with the classics looking for parallels with the time of stalinism you know if you were. just so full of it i can't understand how he can love anybody which is. you know like. all his life he's avoided mentioning stalin in relation to himself few people know that alexander berdovsky is not just a theater director he's.


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